Welcome to Adept Field Solutions

Adept conducts healthcare market research, on behalf of pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We give medical professionals a voice.

Paid Market Research

We offer an incentive payment for your participation. Our methodologies include telephone interviews, online surveys or face-to-face interviews.

No Commitment

Only participate in studies that you want to – there is no obligation and you can contact us to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. You will only be invited to participate in studies that are relevant to your area of specialty.

Opportunities to Learn and Influence

Drawing from your expertise, engage in learning and influencing the development of new treatments and devices.

About Us

Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to engage with healthcare professionals, to gain knowledge and insight into how the needs of their colleagues and patients can be improved.  You should have a say in how current developments impact your everyday life and whether things can be enhanced with future developments and treatment options.

With over 10 years of experience within the healthcare market research landscape and an existing network of healthcare professionals, we provide the platform you need to voice your opinions.

Professional Affiliations and Data Protection

We adhere to the standard codes of conduct and have professional affiliations with the BHBIA and EphMRA. We are fully compliant with the current European and US data protection guidelines. Click below to view our Privacy Policy.