Navigating Fieldwork with HCPs during the Coronavirus Pandemic


During Q1 2020 we’ve successfully completed more than 50 projects with HCPs, Patients & Care-givers

– 50+ Conditions

~1000  Completed interviews

– Across more than 20 countries


Majority of HCPs and Patients still very happy to participate in market research.

Avoid those on the front line where possible: Intensive Care Specialists & Nurses, Pulmonologists, ID Specialists, Anaesthetists, Emergency Medicine, Procurement/ Purchasers


Key changes & consideration over coming months:

  • Respondents strong preference for TDIs or Online methodologies
  • All F2F IDIs and FGs now on virtual platforms
  • Utilising various online video-conferencing platforms (Zoom/ Civicom/ InterVu)
  • Mobile Ethnographies
  • Online diaries and bulletin boards
  • Recruitment timing & Moderator Flexibility
  • Factor in 2 weeks longer than average to field timings
  • Allow a small Increase in honoraria to encourage participation
  • Tailor design – Keep concise and focused on business critical where possible


The Adept Difference

  • Utilise our network of locally based recruiters and moderators
  • Advice on what’s happening on the ground in real time
  • Trusted relationships with doctors, professional connections managed personally and with sensitivity
  • Targeting only those who will be relevant to research