• We understand the importance of recruitment - it impacts projects from start to finish, which is why we focus on it like nobody else:

    • Network: Our recruiters are the best in their field, with a proven track record.
    • Details: We pay very close attention to detail and early progress.
    • Experience: We give timely feedback.
    • Resourceful: If they are out there, we'll find them. We never give up!
    • Delivery: We succeed in getting great respondents, on time, every time.

    It's no wonder then why we have become the recruitment agency of choice for many respected agencies and consultancies. Don't just take our word for it; this is what our clients' have said:

    Thanks for a really excellent recruiting job on this one, it's been fantastic. Very good time, excellent respondents, plus great work with the KOLs.
  • Be it telephone, in-office, centrally-viewed or focus groups, our Moderators will impress....

    Best Medical Moderators

    • Individuals working directly for Adept.
    • Hand-picked and trusted.
    • We can provide Bios/CVs to support our choices.

    Many Years of Experience

    • Strong medical and topic knowledge.
    • Adverse Events trained.
    • Country-awareness: They know the markets inside out and can provide careful advice to international clients.
    • Technologically savvy, providing crisp and clear audios.
  • Translations:

    Highly qualified technical medical translation team, all who have an extensive background in translating market research documents. All our materials are proof read by a second translator prior to delivery.

    Simultaneous Interpretation:

    Healthcare experts who understand the industry. We offer Simultaneous Translation services for IDIs, Groups and TDIs.

    Transcriptions and Analysis:

    Verbatim or Summary transcripts or analysis in to your preferred format. Our transcribers are all bi-lingual and translate in to English direct from the audio.

  • All our work is ad-hoc and as a result our therapy experience is vast. In our first 4 years of operation we successfully completed in excess of 450 projects, in more than 25 markets across more than 150 Diseases. ┬áThe numbers are growing on a daily basis!

    We work regularly with HCPs (including KOLs, Specialists, PCPs, Nurses, Laboratory Personnel, Pharmacists) Payers (on a local, regional and national level) and Patients across the below areas:

    Allergy & Immunology, Anaesthetists/Pain Management, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology/Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Genetics, General Practice, Haematology, Hepatology, HIV, Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Lab Managers, Nephrology, OB/GYN, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology, Surgery: General, Surgery: Specialists, Urology, Virology.