Trusted Global Network

Via our centralised team of project Directors you will have unrivalled access to our exceptional network of translators, recruiters, moderators, venues, interpreters and analysts; our team will provide you with local market insight, feedback, insight and solutions:
          • Extensive network of individuals working directly for Adept.
          • Local knowledge and understanding.
          • Centralized, responsive and dedicated management.
          • Culture of creative problem solving.
          • Customised solutions, tailored to meet your business needs on a local or global basis.
          • Resourceful, seamless global network.
Thanks for all your help on this project, you have been amazing and I hope this leads to more studies! (Quant telephone interviews in USA, DE, IT, FR, Korea, China, Colombia and Brazil, Head of Operations at a leading healthcare research agency).

Online Expertise

Taking the strain for you:

Programming scripting and hosting services

                          • Consultative questionnaire programming review.
                          • Confirmit platform.
                          • Testing/editing and languages.
                          • Strict quality control procedures.

Access to multiple Medical Online panels in over 36 countries

                            • Physicians, Surgeons, other HCPs and Patients.
                            • Multi-mode recruitment options.
                            • List-matching services.

Data delivery/DP services

                      • SPSS, Excel or full tables.
                      • Coding and back-translation.