A Fresh Approach

Adept Field Solutions provides a seamless global field service tailored to meet exacting standards.

Senior attention:

  • Directors involved in every study, keeping an eye on the details so you can relax.
  • Highly experienced team, with a proven track record.

Simple communication:

  • Our lines of communication are direct: You – Project Manager – Moderator.
  • Unbeatable Responsiveness: We answer our own phones ourselves and reply quickly to emails

Tailor Made:

  • Each project is unique to us and is given the attention it deserves – We will flex to fit you
  • Proactive, consultative and involved, unrivalled industry and therapeutic expertise

Exceptional Resource:

  • We cherry pick our recruiters, moderators and other individuals we work with.

An Extension Of Your Team

Research Advice
Support on design.
Desk research and sampling
Detailed project planning
Management of research materials
Translations and market-relevance adjustments.

Project Control
Selection of best recruiters and moderators, venues and interpreters.
Itinerary planning, Video-steaming arrangements.
In-house recruitment.
Panel partnerships.
Deliverables that work for you
Transcripts, data, analysis, reporting.

Price sensitivity
Our overheads are low so we pass costs savings on to you and work with you to meet your budgets.